New Education policy Aproved by Central Government

New Education policy Aproved by Central Government

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has now been renamed the Ministry of Education. The decision was taken during a meeting of the Modi cabinet. During the meeting, the Modi government also approved a new education policy. Detailed information about this will be given by the government in the cabinet briefing to be held at 4 pm.

Notably, the Ministry of Human Resource Development proposed that the existing name of the Ministry be changed to the Ministry of Education. The proposal has been approved by the Modi cabinet. At the same time, a new education policy has been approved. There will now be a single regulatory body for the entire higher education sector to end the chaos in the education sector.


The name of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) will now be Ministry of Education. This decision has been taken in the meeting of Modi Cabinet. Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal told a press conference here today that the Ministry of Human Resource Development will now be known as the Ministry of Education.

At the same time, Modi has approved a new education policy in the cabinet meeting
Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said a new education policy for the 21st century has been approved. There has been no change in education policy for 34 years. Educators around the world will appreciate it.

The central government believes that large-scale change is needed in the education sector. So that India can become a superpower of knowledge in the world. This requires good quality education for all. So as to create a progressive and dynamic society.

The Ministry of Education is emphasizing on developing a new national curriculum framework to improve the quality of education provided at the primary level. The framework will also cover knowledge of different languages, 21st century skills, sports in the course, arts and environmental issues.

The central government has approved the new education policy. Simultaneously, the name of the Ministry of Human Resource Development has been changed to the Ministry of Education. Understand that the 10 + 2 format has been completely abolished in the new education policy.

Now it is divided into 10 + 2 and molded into 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 format. This means that now the first five years of school will include three years of pre-primary school and foundation stages including class 1 and class 2. Then the next three years will be divided into class 3 to 5 preparation phase.

This is followed by three years of middle stage (class 6 to 8) and four years of secondary stage (class 9 to 12). Apart from this there will be no strict adherence to arts, commerce, science stream in schools, students can now take whatever course they want.

Some special points of the new education policy

-Emphasis on making teachers as well as parents aware.
- Promoting the abilities of each student will be a priority.

-Increases conceptual understanding, promotes creativity and critical thinking.
-There will be no difficulty, separation between art and science for students.
-Ethics, constitutional values ​​will be a major part of the curriculum.




Some other important aspects of the new education policy

By 2040, all higher education institutions will have to create multi-subject institutions with more than 3000 students.
By 2030, there will be at least one large multi-subject high institution in or near each district. 
-The curriculum of institutions will be such that emphasis will be laid on the development of public institutions.
-Organizations will have the option to run open distance learning and online programs.
-All kinds of deemed and related universities created for higher education will now only be known as universities.
-The goal of developing all the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral capabilities of human beings in an integrated manner.

The new education policy will include music, philosophy, arts, dance, theater, higher education courses.


The bachelor’s degree will be for a period of 3 or 4 years. The academy will become a bank of credit, digital records of student performances will be collected. By 2050, at least 50 per cent of learners must be involved in vocational education through the school and higher education system. A new national research institute will be set up for quality aptitude research, which will be linked to all the universities in the country.


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SMC - Surat Municipal Corporation Recruitment for 421 Various Posts.

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A great relief to the parents of the High Court, exemption from paying fees till the school reopens

A great relief to the parents of the High Court, exemption from paying fees till the school reopens

Ahmedabad. The Gujarat High Court has given a big relief to the parents in the matter of school fees. He slammed the schools which were collecting fees during the Corona period and said that the schools do not demand fees till they open, school administrators cannot force the parents on the issue of fees.

District Education Officer will have to take action if schools push for fees: High Court

Fees were collected from parents by some schools amid the Corona epidemic. Hearing the non-disclosure petition filed in the Gujarat High Court, the High Court ruled that school administrators could not demand fees until the schools reopened. The High Court said that schools cannot force parents for fees until the schools start. If schools force you to pay fees, the district education officer will have to take action. The order of the High Court has given great relief to the guardians of Gujarat in paying the fees.

The fee case has come against the news of relieving the parents. Gujarat High Court has given a big relief to the parents in the matter of school fees. The High Court has said that school administrators cannot demand school fees until the schools reopen. Amid the Corona crisis, the High Court has slammed school administrators for charging exorbitant fees. Schools cannot force parents to pay fees until school starts. The DEO will have to take action if the school does not force the payment of fees. A non-disclosure petition was filed in the High Court under pressure from schools to pay student fees during Corona's difficult times.

Corona epidemic is currently going on in the entire country including Gujarat. Corona is affecting many people in business and employment. On the other hand, many schools are demanding school fees for their children. The state government has given a big relief to the parents who are in financial straits. The state education department has passed an important resolution on school fees, ordering schools not to ask for fees until school starts on March 22. If the parents have paid fees other than tuition fees, they have been ordered to compensate at the beginning of school.

Not only that, if the fee is not paid, the admission is also ordered not to be canceled. "All schools in the country have been declared closed since March 16 due to the Corona epidemic," the resolution said. Periodic lockdowns were announced by the Central Government. Schools were closed in that circumstance. Even in the present situation, there is a ban on starting educational institutions as per the instructions of the Central Government in this regard.

The new academic session of schools in the state was to start from June 8, but the schools could not actually start as per the above instructions. However, in order to provide home-based education to the students, the state government has issued instructions to carry out educational work under Home Learning from the June 5 resolution. Which is binding on all schools.

The notification of the Department of Education dated 17th July, 2020 has made provision for fees for alternative activity-facilities, according to which the fee for the same can be collected only from the students who are availing the benefit of such activity. Fees fixed by the school for extracurricular activities when schools are currently closed will not be charged from any student until the schools start regularly. If a parent has paid such a fee, the amount will have to be reimbursed in the fees charged at the time when the schools start regularly. This means that no fees can be charged for services that the school does not provide.


Ashka Jani / Atul Tiwari / Ahmedabad: News has come out that parents are getting relief in case of fees. Gujarat High Court has given a big relief to the parents in the matter of school fees. The High Court has said that school administrators cannot demand school fees until the schools reopen. Amid the Corona crisis, the High Court has slammed school administrators for charging exorbitant fees



The big news has come in the form of grade pens for primary teachers in the state. The government has shown leniency on the issue of reducing 4200 grade pay for primary teachers and the decision to pay 2400 grade pay has been postponed and now the government has announced to keep 4200 grade pay unchanged. Deputy Secretary of Education B.V. Rathwa has canceled the old circular.

The old circular to reduce the grade pay of primary teachers has been canceled till a policy decision is taken. The government has taken this big decision after the teachers' grievances on the issue of grade pay by primary teachers. This decision has revived the feeling of happiness among the teachers. Digvijay Singh Jadeja of the Primary Education Association spoke to reporters about this.
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Std. 12 [Updated Daily] Home Learning Video

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Std. 12 [Updated Daily] Home Learning Video

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